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Monthly Archives: March 2015

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Chocolate Replacement Therapy

Women seem to think of male escorts as a bit of chocolate even those from Eve Kent escorts on this site They are very similar to chocolates as you can find yourself an escort when you fancy a bit of a treat says a friend of mine. If, male escorts knew about this analogy, I am not sure they would feel the same way as the women do. Would you like to be compared to a bit of chocolate?

Women say that a lot male escorts are just their for their entertainment. They like dating escorts because it makes them feel good.

Legal Eagle Date

A friend of mine who works as a barrister, not Mrs Clooney I hasten to add, loves dating escorts. She is married with a family but she says that at times her life becomes so stressful that she just needs to let go.

She has tried all different types of other pleasures but so far no one has been able to match the effort of one of her regular escorts called Alan. He simply seems to love to take her dancing, and whenever she gets a chance she spends time with him.

Alan is a bisexual and perhaps that is part of the attraction. He has a really feminine side to him, and just loves to do the same things she does. It is lucky that my friend’s family does not live in London. Alan and my friend always seem to be out about.

In a way, it is almost like they are best friends. They can be found during the week going shopping together but sometimes they just spend the evening at home watching their favorite movies.

There is a sense of family within their relationship and they seemed to have formed a very strong bond which is by now rather unbreakable,

We All Know

Many of my friends also know about the relationship, and my friend Maggie just doesn’t seem to care. We are all old school friends so we are very unlikely to say anything about Maggie’s passion for escorts. All of us just accept Maggie for what she is and what she does.

She spends the week in London working hard and having fun with Alan. At the weekend she goes home to her loving husband, and her family. Her husband is a house husband so he is at home during the week looking after the home and the family.

Maggie’s Attitude

Maggie says that she is not cheating on her husband and family with escorts. She is cheating on herself. It is her life and she works hard but she wants to enjoy herself. She sometimes refers to Alan as her “chocolate replacement therapy” and says that she would have to be on a constant diet if it wasn’t for Alan.

Male escorts

There are now more male escorts available than there were 10 years ago. It seems that the boys have finally realized that there are a lot of lonely ladies out there who do really appreciate a bit of company.

Male escorts seem to enjoy going on dates and being spoiled just as much as female escorts. Perhaps there is finally some equality between the sexes.