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Knightsbridge Escorts difference from Las Vegas Escorts

You can’t really compare Las Vegas escorts to Knightsbridge escorts says serial dater Joe. When I recently visited Las Vegas I dated a few escorts but they weren’t that sexy. They were more sleazy than anything, and I don’t like that in escorts. I think this is the main reason why I always use Knightsbridge escorts agencies and date Knightsbridge escorts.

To me Knightsbridge escorts are perfect, they are both sexy and classy, and that is what I really like. Sexy ladies who sit there and pour champagne all over their bodies is not really my style, I much prefer to date Knightsbridge escorts that have got a bit of class.

My history with Knightsbridge escorts

I have been dating Knightsbridge girls for a long time. As I don’t live in the area, I don’t date them on a regular basis but I do try to have a date with one at least once a fortnight. I like Knightsbridge escorts because they are both sexy and sophisticated, and that suits me down to the ground.

I know a lot of gents who like to date cheap escorts but I rather pay a bit more and get a better quality escorts service, That is exactly what you get with Knoghtsbridge girls. They seem to know exactly how to behave in all situations, and on top of that they make looking after their date a priority. It is nice to feel wanted and appreciated when you date an escort, and I think that a lot cheaper escorts services just make you feel like you are a pound sign. It is not a nice feeling, and that is exactly how I felt when I dated Las Vegas escorts.

Las Vegas escorts to me are just sleazy. They don’t dress nice, and I think the majority of them, just come across as very cheap girls. But Las Vegas escorts are expensive to date, and for that I think they should try and deliver a much better quality service. A lot of Las Vegas girls are independent, and pay a percentage to the agency.

I had one girl who turned up to a dinner date wearing a little skimpy dress, and her boobs were almost hanging out. It was my kind of date at all, but I did notice that a lot of American gents seem to like that. I had pointed out to the agency that I was British, and wanted a classy date – perhaps this was their idea of class.

It is never easy when you date in a foreign country as you always compare the girls in that country to homegrown talent. I suppose that is what I did with the Las Vegas escorts. If I had been new to dating I would not have been disappointed but on this occasion I certainly was. If, I ever go back to Las Vegas, I don’t think that I will be dating Las Vegas girls again. I often wonder what other American escort girl are like, are they like Las Vegas girls?