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Monthly Archives: January 2016

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I want to be a porn star

Even though I have been working for London escorts for the last two years, and loved every minute of it, I would still like to become a porn star. There are lots of hot new porn star names in 2016, and to be honest, i think that I am a lot hotter than these girls. But, I am very reluctant to give up my job with London escorts. Some of the girls that I have worked with here at the agency have become porn stars, but the disappointing thing is that they have not earned that much money.

A year ago, a couple of girls left London escorts to become porn stars in Los Angeles, but they cam back and rejoined female escorts after a couple of months. It just wasn’t what they expected at all. Most of the time they were just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. When they finally got a job, the direct often wanted them to have unsafe sex, and they wouldn’t do that. It is kind of scary actually, and I am not so sure that I would want to be treated like that. I am pretty sure that I would get rather angry.

Also, the money they earned per film was really bad, and there is no way that I could survive on that little money. The girls said that they ended up burning through all of the money they had earned at London escorts, and if they would have stayed in Los Angeles any longer, they would have been broke. In the end, they got themselves some airline tickets and came back to London escorts. It was kind of a sad day in a way, but at least they were able to get their jobs back at London escorts.

I do still have this dream, but like the boss at the female escorts service that I work for has said, the grass is not always greener in Los Angeles. He says that he has heard plenty of horror stories from other London escorts who have gone out to Los Angeles, and he says that virtually all of the girls have ended up in trouble. It can’t be nice at all, and I have no intention of jumping on an airplane, ending up in Los Angeles for a few months and losing all of my money. I have worked hard for money.

Looking at the entire situation in the cold hard light of day, I don’t think that I will move to Los Angeles. Yes, it would be nice to be a porn star but I think that dreaming about it might be better. I am doing well here at London escorts, and I am sure that if I continue to look after my dates, I will do much better working for female escorts. than I could do working out in Los Angeles. And, I know that I would miss many of the lovely gents that I have met here at the agency.