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Monthly Archives: January 2017

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Seriously Addicted to Threesomes

My new guy says that I freak him out a bit. The poor thing, he had only learn how to handle the fact that I work for Acton escorts when I hit with my love for threesomes. Most girls are not into threesomes he said, and just walked off. I know that it is hard to talk about these things, but the truth is that I have a very strong sexual need for threesomes. It is something that I have been into for a long time, and I cannot see myself getting out of at all.

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We all have our sex fetishes and fantasies, and I am sure that boyfriend has his own idea of what he would like to do when we are together. But, like with all of my other boyfriends, I am finding it hard to talk to him about it. Most of the girls here at Acton escorts say the same thing. They are having a really hard time talking to their boyfriends about their dreams and desires. How you get over it, I don’t really know.

I know how I got into threesomes or sandwiches as I like to call them. When I was in my teens, I used to watch a lot of porn movies. Of course this was the time when you are also exploring your own sexuality a lot. Like all of the other girls my age, I started to play around with different things and found that I really got a kick out of threesomes. It was long before I hooked with Acton escorts, but now I know that I am kind of addicted to threesomes.

Finding a partner who does not mind that you work for Acton escorts, and at the same time enjoy your sexual preferences, is not easy at all. There are days when I think about what I am doing and worry about. At the moment as my boyfriend cannot fulfil my sexual needs, I swing a lot. He does not know that I am into swinging and I am not sure that he would really like it. But, I am so driven and I know exactly what I want when it comes to sex. If I don’t get it, I only get frustrated and that does not do me any good.

Most people who are into threesomes, are into just one girl and two guys. But I am afraid that is not me. I like two guys and one guy and a girl as well. One of the girls that I work with at Acton escorts enjoys the same thing, so we swing together. It is great fun. Meeting a guy who likes to do threesomes with both other guys and girls would be my dream. I have tried all sorts of way and even advertised. My friend from the agency feels the same way and we are both beginning to wonder if he exists. I am not sure that he does, or could it be that he is out there suffering the same longings and urges as me.