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Bum expansion for sex

Girls Getting Cosmetic Surgery to Increase the Size of Their Bums

Many London escorts have grown quite fond of going for cosmetic surgery to increase their bum size due to the high demand from clients. Many men tend to prefer ladies who are curvy and overly feminine. A big bum on escorts in London is a big sex attraction that catches the eye of a man and keeps them well locked. It enhances ones beauty and makes them stand out. With high competitive rates between London escorts agencies and even private London escorts, there is a high need for the girls to remain relevant and have that extra factor.

As is known men are physical beings and they need a lot of visual stimulation. Most clients tend to look for encounters through London escorts agency sites where there are many photos in the galleries. A curvaceous lady can be spotted easily and she will attract more clients. Such escorts are also bound to get higher recommendations and hence the pressure to undergo the knife is immense. Everyone is trying to up their game and have that striking beauty that will bring them more numbers and increase their demand in the market.

Curvaceous London escorts also make really beautiful company for those men who’d like to show them off during events. The pressure for them to stay in shape and looking attractive at all times is too much. This has led to a lot of the girls going for augmentation of the breasts and bums. London escorts agencies have made it quite easy for frequent and new clients by letting them give precise preferences in the type of company they would want. A client has the freedom and allowance of giving their precise needs of what they want in a woman in age, body size, weight, height measurements, complexion, ethnicity and even personality.

escorts will have surgery to get big bums

escorts will have surgery to get big bums

The common trend with augmentation is also because of age and confidence. The newer girls tend to outdo those who have been in the business longer and this can be a threatening situation. Most London escorts agencies have girls who try to increase their confidence levels by altering their bums in order to feel good even as they please clients. There are also specific niches for them and one could opt for surgery when they want to join a certain category in their region or even online. One has to sell exactly what they have on their body. Clients want to see what they asked and paid for.

Giving a client less than what they asked for leads to losing customers and getting bad reviews and little or none recommendations. Escorts in London also undergo bum augmentation to fit in and match what other girls are also offering. It all comes down to affordability and if one really needs to enhance their beauty. Some London escorts are fine just as they are and are naturally endowed. For such ladies who are quite lucky, the process is more accommodating and they don’t have to try too hard. Client needs are rising each day in complexity and thus one has to go to extremes to ensure that they maintain their clients.

She feels great modeling in the nude

Ever since I can recall, I’ve had a hard time feeling good about my body.

Most of the friends I grew up with in Fairfax, Virginia felt this way, too. Insecurity was normal for our group of white, middle class girls. In fact, we used to joke that if you did like your body, something was obviously wrong with you.

According to me, I was “too fat” in fifth grade when I first looked at myself in my gymnastics leotard. I was too fat to be on the high school gymnastics team; too fat to date.

In college, I was too fat to act on stage; too fat to go to parties.111420

Throughout my adolescence and young adulthood, my weight fluctuated along with my self-esteem.

When I was 21, I hit my heaviest, 220 pounds. At 5’9″, this was way too fat for me to live in the United States. So I moved to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Belfast was an inclusive, community-minded town. Its culture placed more value on art and music than on getting ahead.

In Belfast, I discovered a freedom and playfulness I hadn’t felt since I was a young child. Something in me opened up and relaxed.

And the extra weight disappeared.

Over the 12 years I lived in Ireland, I shed 60 pounds. It was as if I didn’t need extra protective padding there.

Oh, on occasion, I still thought I was too fat. But nobody else did. My boyfriend’s grandmother complimented me, saying I was “healthy and well-fed.” The local shopkeeper called me a “lovely, big girl.”

For me, Northern Ireland was a psychic and cultural cleansing. Living in a country with a history of famine, I came to believe that my healthy, strong body should be valued and appreciated.

Living among people who had lost family and friends in the Troubles was extremely humbling. My preoccupation with weight became embarrassing. When I’d obsess over eating a scone, my boyfriend would laugh and say it was the “Yankee Doodle Dandy” in me. Then he’d say, without laughing, that he wished he had my problems.

Still, when I turned 33, it was time to move back to the United States.

Sweet Ebony

I was pissed off at men. Here I was 32 years old and kept picking the wrong bastard men! This last date was the final straw. This asshole salesman thought he could get a little too aggressive with me and definitely would not take NO for an answer. I kicked his ass out of my apartment and was livid! I was tired of this crap. Out of sheer frustration and anger, I started crying and walked over to my neighbor Tawny’s apartment and knocked quietly on the door.

Tawny opened her door, sleepy-eyed, and looked at me in shock.

“Damn, girl, are you ok?” she pulled me inside, “My God, are you hurt?”

Tawny and I had become fast friends after she moved in next door six months ago. She was in her 40s, divorced, and she and I had a lot in common when it came to picking the wrong men. She gave me a lot of good advice and was like a sister to me. She was feisty with a great sense of humor and we always had a great time together.

“Tawny, I’m so sick of this shit. I’m tired of these men who think they can pull this aggressive crap with me. I’m just so tired of it,” I started crying again and she pulled me to her.

“Shh girl, it’s ok. Don’t let the bastards get you down. It was one bad date. Just let it go. Have a glass of wine and you’ll feel better,” she stroked my back and my hair and I felt very comforted in her arms.

She went into the kitchen and got a bottle of my favorite red wine and poured us a glass. I took a big gulp, wiping the make-up from underneath my eyes.

“God, I look horrid!” I laughed through my tears.

“Yeah, you look like crap, girl!” she teased me and handed me a tissue.

She turned on some soft jazz and we sat and talked and sipped wine. She always knew how to make me feel better and laugh.

I was a feeling a little buzzed and a little silly.

“Well, I think that’s it, Tawny!” I announced jokingly, “that jerk was it. I’m swearing off men for good!”

“Yeah right, sweetie, the next big black dick that walks down the street, you’ll be all over him!” she squatted my leg, laughing her sweet, tinkling giggle.

“Hey now, that’s what big black dildos are for!” I teased back smiling at her.

“What the hell girl? and what do YOU KNOW about big black toys huh?” she looked directly into my eyes, flirting with me.

How young is too young for porn?

Last February, the former Miss Delaware Teen USA, Melissa King, had to relinquish her crown after it was revealed that she had shot a hardcore scene for the website Girls Do Porn. King was paid a meager $1,500 for her performance. She’d just turned 18.

“I thought it would be fun, and it sounded like I needed the money, so I just decided to do it,” King says to the cameraman in the short clip.

Although she seems to be moving on from the incident—she’s reportedly a freshman at the University of Arkansas—the scandal prompted some to debate whether, in the age of social media, 18 was too young to make the potentially life-altering decision of doing porn.

A few weeks ago, that conversation was reignited when adult film director Axel Braun announced he will no longer be casting actors under the age of 21. Younger performers, Braun wrote in a statement to adult industry news site AVN, are not as well-equipped to handle the repercussions of an adult entertainment career: